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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Blogging Again Despite Fatigue

I want to start writing a blog again. Working took all my energy last year and I stopped writing. Do you know how fatigue does that? Having several autoimmune diseases, fatigue is something I deal with every day.

One way that people think about fatigue is using the Spoon Theory by Christine Miserndino ( The theory says imagine you have a spoon for each piece of energy you will use during the day. In this case, imagine you have 12 spoons, each representing a 12th of what you can accomplish in the day to come. Then, plan your day by distributing each spoon to each activity. When your spoons are used up, your day will be done.


If I have to tutor or do technical writing, I am going to use up almost every bit of energy or spoon that I have. I even take caffeine pills to make it through without nodding off, and I take one for each student’s session. (I take bicarb with it to absorb the acidity.) When I am done tutoring, I come home, change into comfortable clothes, and take a nap. Sometimes, I have to tutor instead of nap and then I have to take another caffeine tablet.

It has been worth it, though it has been hard. Last December, I had to borrow the rent from my brother and sister. This year, I will not have to borrow any money. I am working more hours each month. I even won an award for being a great tutor!

I am able to do this – to get this much better even with the Secondary Progressive MS (SPMS) that I have, because I take Protandim. It’s a tablet that is a combination of 5 herbs. It protects my brain and fights MS for me. It’s wonderful!

How are you coping with fatigue? Are you able to work at all?

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  1. You are such a strong advocate for people finding ways to live through MS symptoms while staying productive and contributing. I'm happy to follow your page at Facebook, and will continue to read on here at your blog. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Terry! You inspire me! Mutual Admiration!