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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A good friend, Cathy Chester, found words that start with the letters from Happy New Year that expressed her thoughts (

I like writing a poem that starts with the letters to express mine. Here’s one:

H appy times that were joyful seem past,
A blaze with cheer, memories shine brightly,
P raiseworthy, contrasting with the grief-laden
P ain that blooms from the diseases we carry.
Y outh was full of delight, ignorant of our future.

N ourish our souls with new joys,
E ven when we cannot repeat the past,
W e can stand together, and when we do,

Y ears of pain will drop away,
E ncircled with love that shines from each heart,
A glow with warmth, respect and friendship.
R ejoice! The new year gleams, radiating hope!

© Kit Minden


  1. Love her list ... love that you shared it here, too!

  2. Thanks for sharing my list here, Kit. How special of you!

    1. Your words are always to be treasured!